Sunday, January 29, 2012

Treasury Post! And a Super Exciting Update on My Life

..... It's been a while.... Yes, it has.... Sorry! I guess the holidays sucked me in and I let the blog slide off to the side... Whoops. But I'm back today with a Treasury post! I just made this Valentine's Day themed treasury called "Be My Valentine" on Etsy and it looks like this:

Pretty, right?? I am very happy with it :) Please feel free to heart it and click it.

Things have not been too exciting around here lately. I've been trying to motivate myself with some new projects, but the project list is getting mighty long and I have yet to actually really start any of them. Well, not exactly true... Here is my list:

1. Blog More - In progress
2. Start my photo blog project- Going to start it tonight.... Yes! It will be here:
3. Upload more often to my stores- In progess
4. Start cooking more- In progress (I made chili!)
5. Start a cooking blog.... Mmm yeah not sure about that one!
6. Teach myself yoga... I just decided on this one today so no, not yet. But I did some calf raises while doing the dishes so that's probably a start to something.
7. Make more jewelry for my shop, The Bow & Arrow.- Ok, yes, definitely working on this one.
8. Watch Mad Men- DONE. Ok this wasn't a to-do, it just happened because I couldn't stop. Season 1 and Season 2 check! I looooooove this show.
9. Watch the first season of Vampire Diaries- Also done because I couldn't stop that one either... I'm slightly reluctant to admit this....but I love this show too... :-/

Now that I look at that, everything seems to be at least somewhat in progress! Not that my list is actually compiled of anything very useful... But at least it shows I'm doing something with my time, right? Right. I'll just keep telling myself that.

And with that said, I need to go cook some chicken. I'm making chicken quesadillas tonight :) Yum! I hope you all have a yummy dinner too :)

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