Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Black Friday everybody! Today through Monday I am running an extra special 20% off sale on all items from both of my Etsy stores... I know... it's a little bit exciting! You can use this coupon on all items, including those that are already marked down. Enter coupon code BLACKCYBER20 at checkout to receive the discount.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Favorite Holiday Music of 2011!

Do you love Christmas music? I do. I really do... Sometimes it's hard to find new Christmas music that I like, but oh, that is not the case this year! I have two albums that I have been really digging, and I'm about to share them with you! 

If you are a classic music lover like myself (Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby), then you will love love love Michael Bublé's new album. It's my favorite holiday music so far this year... I told myself I wasn't going to start playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but I happened to listen to the album once and haven't been able to stop. It's just that good!

The next album I have really been loving is by She & Him. For those of you who are unfamiliar with She & Him, the She is Zoe Deschanel... you know, that amazing actress who we all love?! The one from that hilarious new show, The New Girl?? Yep, that's her and she sings beautifully. If you love her, then you will love this album.

Enjoy, my friends, and happy holidays to you all!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

PPV Gift Cards!

Peachy Pop now has gift cards! Perfect for those hard to buy for vintage loving friends and family members! Now you can stop stressing over holiday gift giving and instead you can sit back, relax and drink a nice big glass of wine... Holiday shopping done right! And plus, I bet they will love you for letting them go on a shopping spree. Who doesn't love that?

Gift certificates are available in $25, $50 and $100. If you personally do not like to purchase gift certificates, don't worry, I've got plenty of new items I'm adding this week. (Another really cool typewriter is headed to the shop as we speak!)

Rubber Band Man

... I know... It's super late... 3:20AM to be exact... I unfortunately fell asleep at 5:30 this evening for a few accidental hours so now I am wide awake... ugh! I plan to make myself try to sleep very soon. Now on to the purpose of this post...

Most of you, or all of you with the exception of my darling friend Caitlin, probably don't know about my love for dance. (Yes, this is going to be a somewhat random post and non Etsy related) I started dancing at a very young age and danced all the way through college. When I was younger, I took tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical ballet, pointe and hip hop classes. Once I was in college, I focused primarily on hip hop and joined the hip hop club (Which I miss so much!) I'm still searching for a great dance studio, club or crew out here in PA, but it seems to be harder to come across than I'd like. I'm not really into the dance team style of hip hop, I'm much more interested in the urban, intense hip hop.

But anyways... I really like watching dance videos and getting inspired. I came across this video and while it's not something that I can do, (at all!) I find it fascinating and wanted to share it. I tried to post the video here, but it didn't fit for some reason, so I'll just share the link, but please check it out! This boy does amazing things with his body... he looks like a living rubber band. And plus, I am just playing it on repeat because I love the song. I read some of the comments and people were saying that he "doesn't have real talent" and that he's "a lame loser" but I dare you to watch it and to try to not be amazed. And if this is what a "lame loser" looks like, then I think I need a "lame loser" boyfriend. I would not be complaining if a "lame loser" like this tried to pick me up... just saying. He's probably about 15... but whatever!

So here you go... have at it... watch it... love it. If you don't, I'm sorry! Don't hate me! But please, puh-lease don't say he has no talent.

Ok I'm off to go to bed!
Click here for the video!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Luck is in the Air... 11/11/11!

Today... is a very special day. Today is the absolute luckiest day of our lives! It is officially 11/11/11, which is the only day for our whole life where all six numbers in the date are the same. We all know (or you should know!) that if you catch the clock at 11:11, you are supposed to make a wish and it will come true! (Or we like to think so, anyways!) So 11:11 on 11/11/11 are the two luckiest minutes you will ever have. I swear, I am not making this up!

In honor of the special day, my co-workers and I planned a "Pot Luck-y"! It was so much fun and the food was such a hit. I made cranberry fluff and it was amaaaazing. Today was actually a really great day and it's not over yet. We still have one more shot at the big wish, but of course, you get to wish all day long!

Because of the holiday and my addiction to Etsy, I made a collection of 11 "lucky" items. If you click on it, you can see it larger. Enjoy!